Here comes the long-awaited Sushi post! I meant to have it posted by Monday afternoon, but, due to being sick, I wasn’t able to until now! Sorry about that!

Sushi used to be, in my eyes, a dish only Japanese people in long, white kimonos could make. I never understood how they made the rice: it was a science I wanted to wake up knowing and not spend the necessary time learning about.

Well, I still may not understand exactly how to make perfect sushi rice, but that doesn’t stop me from making sushi! For Saturday dinner my dad and I made sushi and it was delicious (even with overcooked rice)! We filled the rolls with carrots, peppers, avocado, cream cheese, and salmon. We marinaded the salmon in soy sauce and broiled it.One of my favorite combinations is cream cheese, avocado, and carrots! Do you have a favorite combination?

Please note this recipe is just a ‘guideline.’ If you don’t have carrots, don’t sweat it. You want to try putting in cucumbers? Try it! (Cucumbers are actually really good in sushi, but we didn’t have any so we had to leave them out) There are a lot of variations for sushi, so please experiment!


  • rice vinegar
  • sushi rice
  • seaweed (to wrap sushi in)
  • vegetables (carrots, peppers, avocados, etc)
  • cream cheese
  • salmon (optional)


To prepare the rice before cooking, soak and rinse it until the starch is gone. Then cook as instructed on the package. To cool, pour rice vinegar over the rice.

Thinly slice the vegetables, cream cheese, and salmon. Assemble using your sushi roll maker, refrigerate, and enjoy dipped in soy sauce!


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