Welcome to my blog! I’m a teen who enjoys messing around in the kitchen and trying to add chocolate to every kind of dessert. I have a constant appetite for ice cream (I’m still trying to convince my parents I “need” an ice cream maker) and I’m still trying to figure out how to make my own recipes. Here I’ll share the feats and defeats of my experiences in the kitchen (hopefully more of the former than the latter).
How did I find my passion for baking and cooking? I’m fairly certain it’s in my genes: my dad enjoys cooking and my grandmother baking. I also have a ‘passion’ for eating my creations.
Why did I start my own food blog? Well it all started last year when, for a school project, I began a food blog with two of my friends. After the project finished, I realized how much I had enjoyed blogging and I decided to make my own food blog.
Why “Fight For The Bite”? Same reason Columbus “sailed the ocean blue”: to find (and fight for) good food.
I hope you enjoy this blog as much as I do!
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